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Oil & GasTelemetry Systems and Alarm Dialers

The SCADAPackLP is a low power controller complete with integrated power supply, analog and digital I/O, serial communications and turbine flow meter counter inputs. The product uses Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII and DNP3 as native protocols and is remotely programmable, as a master or slave, through a choice of flexible programming languages. As with all SCADAPack products the SCADAPackLP is based on a multiprocessor architecture with a co-processor used for handling on-board input/output channels.  This unit is currently in use by Merit Energy in its Northern Michigan Operations.

Remote autodialers, like the Sensaphone 2000 on the right, allow users to receive alarm situations from 8 separate inputs.  The dialer can be connected through a standard wired phone line or in some instances run through an analog cellular phone.  Each unit is capable of notifying up to 32 people of alarm situations at customizable intervals.  Recorded voice is used to notify the user of the specific alarm condition.  The location of the autodialer is also part of the alarm message making the units perfect for large oil field operations.

Transmit you I/O via wireless with these reliable and affordable digital I/O modules!

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